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Project Loan Features & Benefits

Project Financing is a long-term, zero or limited recourse financing solution that is available to a borrower against the rights, assets, and interests related to the concerned project.

If you are planning to start an industrial, infrastructure, or public services project and need funds for the same, Project Financing might be the answer that you are looking for.

The repayment of this loan can be done using the cash flow generated once the project is complete instead of the balance sheets of the sponsors. In case the borrower fails to comply with the terms of the loan, the lender is entitled to take control of the project. Additionally, financial companies can earn better margins if a company avails this scheme while partially shifting the associated project risks. Therefore, this type loan scheme is highly favoured by sponsors, companies, and lenders alike.

Types of Sponsors in Project Loans

In order to determine the objective of the project and the risks related to it, it is important to know the type of sponsor associated with the project. Broadly categorised, there are four types of project sponsors involved in a Project Financing venture:

  • Industrial sponsor – These type of sponsors are usually aligned to an upstream or downstream business in some way.
  • Public sponsor – The main motive of these sponsors is public service and are usually associated with the government or a municipal corporation.
  • Contractual sponsor – The sponsors who are a key player in the development and running of plants are Contractual sponsors.
  • Financial sponsor – These type of sponsors often partake in project finance initiatives and invest in deals with a sizeable amount of return.

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