Loan Against Property

Eligibility Criteria for Loan Against Property

Loan Against Property offerings against your residential, or commercial property enables you to employ the locked-up value in your property to meet the expenditure of any kind. Unlocking this value for multi-purpose use will need you to prove your eligibility for a LAP.

How is Eligibility for LAP Calculated

Certain generic and common factors that decide eligibility for a LAP are listed below.


You need to be a Citizen of India with documents to prove your claim.

Occupation and Income

Your lender will require you to furnish details regarding your occupation and income to prove your professional and financial stability to determine your creditworthiness.

Credit History

Your three-digit Credit Score, indicative of your track record in respect of repayment of loans, and other forms of credit will be a deciding factor to prove your eligibility for a LAP.

Banking Relationship

Should you have a healthy relationship with your lender, you will not be disapproved for a LAP. Additionally, your lender will offer you better terms and conditions in respect of loan value, interest rates, period of the loan, hidden charges, and processing fees.

Market Value of Property

Your lender retains the right to decide the loan amount and terms and conditions of your mortgage loan based on the market value of your collateral property. Besides, the market value of the mortgaged property must be higher than the loan amount calculated on the current value of your property.

Market Value of Property

Your lender will require you to be the current existent owner of the property, and in case of a co-application, you will require to prove multiple ownership clear title. Besides, the property must not be mortgaged with any other financial institution.

Loan Against Property Eligibility Calculator

LAP Eligibility Calculator has the ease of use to computing complex calculations without manually entering values, and running through complicated formulae. You just have to move the slider on our calculator to your preferred values for accurate and dependable results for an informed decision.

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Loan Against Property Eligibility Criteria