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Home Loan Eligibility Criteria

A Home Loan requires a borrower to pledge the property to be purchased as collateral. You may qualify for this type of credit by fulfilling your lender's set eligibility criteria.

The basic home loan eligibility criteria or mortgage loan eligibility criteria are as follows:


Typically, you must be above 21 years of age at the time of the commencing of your loan, and up to 65 years or less at home loan maturity

  • Salaried Person - 21 years to 58 years
  • Self-Employed Person - 25 years to 65 years


  • Salaried Person - Minimum Rs. 10,000 per month
  • Self-Employed Person - Minimum Rs. 2,00,000 per year


  • Salaried Person - Minimum 2 to 3 years of Experience in MNC, or a Private or Public Limited Company
  • Self-Employed Person - Minimum 3 years of Experience in the current field

Credit Score

Typically, a credit score of 750 may be considered a good score for approval.

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Home Loan Eligibility Criteria