Interest Rate and Processing Fees

Business Loan Rate of Interest

Interest Rate is a percentage of the Principal Business Loan amount payable to the lender as charges for borrowing. This Rate of Interest typically applies on the principal amount on an annual basis, which may be known as the Annual Percentage Rate or APR.


Business Loan Interest Rate Types

Banks and NBFCs offer two types of interest rates, namely fixed and floating. The EMI amount changes according to the type of interest rate a borrower chooses.
  • Fixed-Rate of Interest

    When you opt for a Fixed Rate of Interest, the interest rate on your Business Loan remains constant throughout your loan period, and this allows you the freedom to plan your finances.

  • Floating Rate of Interest

    Floating Rate of Interest changes according to the RBI lending benchmark, namely Repo Rate. This means, that although your EMI remain constant, your loan tenure may extend due to rate adjustments.


What are the Factors Affecting Business Loan Interest Rates

Nature of Business

Your lender will requires you to state the nature of your business to comprehend the profitability of your enterprise and decide the interest rate chargeable to you.

Business Vintage

Well-Established businesses operating for a long time are like to receive better terms and conditions in by way of lower rates of interest.


High turnover reflects the state and health of your business, which in turn secures you a better and affordable Business Loan with better rates of interest.

Credit Score

Your Credit Score reflects your financial health, and the future of your finances. Therefore, a high credit score naturally deserves better rates of interest.


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Business Loan Interest Rate and Processing Fees